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Persian Rug
Cleaning Ottawa


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

Rug Cleaning Persian Ottawa

Persian Rug Cleaning Ottawa


ARCS - Association of Rug care specialistsCFA - Candian Fabricare Association Rug Cleaning

Ottawa Persian Rug Cleaning Reviews

Check out what our clients are saying about our persian rug cleaning services in Ottawa

Ottawa Rug Cleaning & Repair Reviews

Check out what our clients are saying about our Rug Cleaning & Repair services in Ottawa.


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Why Choose Love Your Rug for Persian Rug Cleaning

Free Persian Rug Pickup Ottawa

Complimentary Persian Rug Pickup

Our Persian rug cleaning service in Ottawa includes free pickup. Simply call our phone number to arrange a pickup.

Persian Rug Clean Delivery in Just 7 Days in Ottawa

Clean Delivery in Just 7 Days

With our innovative Persian rug cleaning equipment, we can provide the shortest turnaround time in Ottawa for Persian rug cleaning.

100% Guaranteed Persian Rug Repair and Cleaning Ottawa

Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction

Our goal is for every client to be delighted, which is why we offer a free Persian rug re-service if you are unhappy with the results.
Rug Cleaning Accredited Award winning Ottawa

Persian Rug Experts in Ottawa

Love Your Rug Ottawa is a rug cleaning and restoration business that has won numerous awards. We have been cleaning and restoring rugs in Ottawa since 1894 and know the business better than anyone. Our goal is to provide you with the finest rug cleaning and rug repair services in Ottawa. As a result of our sustained success, we have received awards, including the Consumer Choice Awards and Top Choice Marks of Excellence Awards.

HomeStars Best of Award Winner 2021

Homestars Best of Award

Consumer Choice Award Winner

BBB Accredited Business

Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence

Expert Persian Rug Cleaner in Ottawa

Our Persian rug cleaning process uses the most innovative technologies and techniques available.
Persian Rug Cleaning Ottawa
Persian Rug Restoration Ottawa

Persian Rug Repair Specialists in Ottawa

We employ the best-skilled rug repair professionals in the nation at Love Your Rug. Our technical expertise and know-how allow us to restore carpets in ways that other Ottawa rug repair companies just cannot. With our extensive experience repairing Persian rugs, it’s little wonder that we are considered Ottawa’s Persian rug doctors!

We offer the following services:

Cutting-edge Persian Rug Cleaning Equipment in Canada

We house the most advanced Persian rug cleaning technology available on the market in our large 10,000 square feet rug washing facilities in Western and Eastern Toronto.

Our Persian rug professionals employ the finest dusters, wringing machines, spin-drying and rug cleaning equipment, rug packing machines, and specialised manual washing processes. The result? Persian rugs that always look and smell new.



Area Rug Dusting Machine Ottawa


Area Rug Cleaning Machine Ottawa


Area Rug Drying Machine Ottawa
Rug Cleaning Guarantee Ottawa

Guaranteed 100% Customer Satisfaction

Love Your Rug Ottawa is well-known for providing superior Persian rug cleaning and repair services, rapid delivery, honest pricing, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on all Persian rug cleaning operations. Since our beginnings in 1894, we have serviced hundreds of Persian rugs in Ontario, and we are positive that you will treasure your clean Persian rug after we are through.

We will re-clean your Persian area rug at no additional charge if you are dissatisfied with our Persian rug cleaning service.

Persian Rugs: Interesting Facts

Persian rugs originated in Iran around 2500 years ago. A study of the Pazyryk carpet, which dates back almost 2500 years, led to this estimation. As a result of the degradation of materials used to make Persian rugs– wool, silk and cotton, archaeologists have difficulty locating antique Persian carpets.

Persian carpets were initially used to conceal door gaps and block cold air and trash from entering the home. Iranians transformed these basic insulation decorations into stunning works of art to adorn their houses over time. Persian carpets eventually became symbols of wealth and prestige in Iranian society and were often found in castles.

Persian carpets are accessible in practically every nation on earth today, with Iran accounting for around 30% of the world’s manufacturing of Persian area rugs. Today, Iran has about 1.2 million Persian rug weavers.

If you’re wondering why Persian carpets are so prized, it’s worth noting that a typical Persian rug produced by hand might take many years to finish. At Love Your Rug, we value the artistry and labour that is put into each Persian rug, so we provide only the finest Persian rug cleaning services.

Persian Carpet Cleaning Ottawa
Turco Persian Rug Cleaning Ottawa

Persian Carpet Cleaning Pickup and Delivery

We pick up rugs every fortnight in Ottawa and surrounding areas. Book a professional Persian rug cleaning at a Love Your Rug centre.

RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
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