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Cowhide Rug
Cleaners Ottawa

ARCS - Association des spécialistes de l'entretien des tapisCFA - Canadian Fabricare Association Nettoyage de tapis
Rug Cleaning Cowhide Ottawa

Cowhide Rug Cleaners Ottawa


ARCS - Association des spécialistes de l'entretien des tapisCFA - Canadian Fabricare Association Nettoyage de tapis

Cowhide & Animal Hide Rug Cleaning Ottawa

Free Cowhide Rug Pickup Ottawa

Providing Free Pickup of Animal Hide Rugs

Our animal hide rug cleaning service in Ottawa includes free pickup and delivery. To arrange a pickup, call us at our phone number.

Cowhide Rug Clean Delivery in Just 7 Days in Ottawa

7-Day Delivery of Clean Rugs

We can get animal hide rugs clean in Ottawa in the shortest time possible, thanks to our advanced equipment.

100% Guaranteed Cowhide Rug Repair and Cleaning Ottawa

Guaranteed 100% Satisfaction

We strive to have every client be completely satisfied, so if you aren’t satisfied with the results, we will re-service your cowhide rug for free.

Ottawa Silk Rug Cleaning Reviews

Check out what our clients are saying about our silk rug cleaning services in Ottawa

Nicholas Theodorou

Was ready to throw out our favorite area rug & couch after many attempts of trying to remove our pups territory markings when a friend recommended this service. Boy are we happy we called!!! Just like new!!!

Mike Martelli

Great people very knowledgeable staff ,very good all around experience and my Rug looked great again, would definitely use them again

Ramy Morcos

Tony at the office was great to deal with. He managed a client with very expensive and exotic Persian rugs, and provided a very detailed quotes with all the options for simple repairs to extensive options of perfecting the rug back to its original condition. Thank you team for all of your hard work and always keeping our client list happy


Accredited Cowhide Rug Cleaning

Love Your Rug is a multi-award-winning rug cleaning and rug repair company based in Ottawa, Ontario. We have been cleaning and repairing carpets since 1894, and we understand the market better than any other rug cleaner in Ottawa. We will constantly aim to give all Ottawa residents the highest quality rug cleaning and repair services. Our sustained success has earned us several awards, including the Consumer Choice Awards and The Top Choice Mark of Excellence Award.

HomeStars Best of Award Winner 2021

Best of Award Winner

Consumer Choice Award Winner

BBB Accredited Business

Top Choice Award Mark of Excellence

Largest Cowhide Rug Cleaner in Canada At Your Service

Cowhides are incredibly resilient and naturally stain-resistant, which is great news for rug owners. However, they’re likely to collect debris since they’re frequently put in high-traffic locations. Coffee, tea, and wine spills on cowhide rugs become harder to remove over time if not cleaned promptly.

Although animal skin and hide are low-maintenance alternatives to textile rugs, they must be adequately cleaned every quarter or at least two times a year, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA).

We have expertise in cleaning animal hide rugs of different animals. Our specialisation also includes rugs crafted from animal products of natural origin. We apply an eco-friendly, custom-blended, biodegradable cleaning solution to both sides of your animal-hide rug.

Cowhide Rug Cleaners Ottawa
Cowhide Rug Restoration Ottawa

Ottawa’s Leading Animal Hide Rug Repair Specialists

A rug’s fibres can tear or develop small holes with constant use. DIY techniques cannot conceal these flaws. A professional should repair cow, sheep, and deerskin rugs that are tattered and worn out.

Cowhide rugs can be re-fringed, re-surged, cut and bound by our tailors to make them look brand new. If your cowhide rugs show signs of wear and tear, you should immediately perform rugs patching, reweaving, or a similar restoration process. Performing these repairs now will prevent the need for further maintenance.

Get in touch with us as soon as you notice a blemish so that we can help you.

The Most Up-to-Date Cowhide Rug Cleaning Tools in Canada

Our rug cleaning machines are the best-grade ones available on the market. All our technicians have been trained to operate professional-grade equipment. We regularly inspect our dusting, rug cleaning, drying, and rolling machines to guarantee high-quality performance and worker safety.

We also follow a thorough workflow to ensure that our delivery commitments are met. With our closed-loop cleaning systems, waste is effectively eliminated without compromising quality.



Area Rug Dusting Machine Ottawa


Area Rug Cleaning Machine Ottawa


Area Rug Drying Machine Ottawa
Rug Cleaning Guarantee Ottawa

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction On Animal-Hide Rugs

Love Your Rug is grateful for the support of Canadian customers. Our clientele is always pleased to recommend our cowhide rug cleaning services. Our expertise and customer base have developed since our modest beginnings in 1894.

We invest in the most modern cleaning equipment, facilities, and repair tools, and our staff are renowned for their immense dedication. We prioritize our customers and employees before profits to become the top employer in our industry.

Unhappy with our genuine cowhide rug cleaning service? Notify us immediately, and we will re-clean your rug for free.

Interesting Cowhide Rug Facts

Authentic cowhide dealers will not sell any animal items if the animal was killed just for its hide. They will only sell cowhide rugs if they are a by-product of meat processing.

Cowhide is a popular choice for home upholstery. They are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for families with members who are allergic to synthetic fibres.

Each cowhide carpet is unique. The tanning process used to make cowhide affects the overall quality.

Cheap cowhide loses hair, curls at the corners, and loses its sheen quickly. A cheap cowhide rug’s lacklustre coat and chemical odour indicate its inadequacy.

Sheepskin rugs are even softer than cowhide rugs, known for their decorative appeal. Because sheepskin is three inches thick, you may sleep easily on it!

Interesting Facts About Ottawa

Delivery and Pickup of Animal Hide Rugs

We pick up rugs every fortnight in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
RUG Cleaning & Repair
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